Samarth Arabastani

Electrical Engineering student with proven ability to manage multiple local and international projects while meeting challenging deadlines. Strong public speaking and problem-solving skills for diverse professional and general audiences as evidenced by consistent excellence in global competitions. Extensive involvement in all levels of customer service, relationship management, data analytics, and product development in sales and management roles. Unique skillset often used to comprehend large data sets to identify market gaps and communicate solutions effectively.




Kanan Shah

Kanan Shah is a 3rd year Entrepreneurship and Strategy student minoring in Finance. Her passion for social entrepreneurship and innovation started from the very first year after joining Ryerson. Her team went to India as being part the Ryerson Global Innovation Challenge. Furthermore, her love for social impact fostered after working with the University Of Oxford on various startups along with conducting workshops on entrepreneurship, leadership and negotiation. Since then she has been actively taking initiatives to start her own sales focused group along with being a startup consultant. She has a skill set in finance through the Business Innovation Hub at CIBC Mellon. Lastly, she values innovation and creativity and is always ready to help people in any way she can.


Tania Bawa

Tania Bawa is a 4th year Business Management student majoring in Human Resources and minoring in Information Technology. She joined Pura through our Egypt chapter back in 2016. She strongly believes that everyone should have the same human rights; no matter colour, gender, race or caste. She constantly loves to impact society and others whether big or small. Knowing that clean drinking water is a human right, she believes that no one should ever be in that lifestyle and strives to help those until their right is restored.



Bridget Burling

Bridget is currently attending Ryerson University in her second year studying Professional Communications. She is currently maintaining a 4.04 GPA average while working as a server and completing a full time course load.

Bridget joined the water filtration project during her first year because she is passionate about helping others. She feels compassion especially for those who do not have access to clean drinking water.

Bridget’s goal is to become a human rights lawyer after she completes her undergrad. Her goal is to attend a Canadian law school. She believes being a human rights lawyer will allow her to make an even larger impact in the world. She will continue to bring awareness to human rights issues.

Outside of Bridget’s professional life she loves to travel, spend time with her friends, family and pets.


Alicia Palanithurai

Alicia Palanithurai is a third year Marketing Management student minoring in Entrepreneurship. As a presenter at the 2017 Enactus National Exposition on the Scotiabank Eco-Living Green Team, she has developed a strong drive to tackle lack of access to clean water. Aside from philanthropy and business, Alicia admires connecting with others, travelling, photography and writing.


Alex Li

Alex Tie Liang Li is currently studying his second year at Ryerson University’s Business Technology Management program.  His interest at visual design on both physical and digital media has caught the attention of Enactus Ryerson, later executives of team Pura, whom invited him to be a valuable member of the team.  Currently, Alex stands as the creative graphic director for Pura.  For the future, he hopes to continue to use and improve his skills to benefit larger projects for the team.  And build up enough experience to apply it to the corporate world.